• Neurosurgery


    A. S., 79 years old, female - Aneurysm. Monitoring: MEP, SEP

    Fields of application

  • Spinal Column

    Spinal Column

    S. B., 14 years old, male - Malformation of the cervical spine. Monitoring: MEP, SEP and D-wave

    Fields of application

  • ENT


    S. G.,* 69 y.; male - Parotidectomy after tumor of the parotid gland. Monitoring: EMG of the facial nerve

    Fields of application

  • Vascular surgery

    Vascular surgery

    H. L.,* 63 y.; female - Thrombendarterectomy (TEA) after carotid stenosis. Monitoring: SEP (N. medianus and N. tibialis)

    Fields of application

  • General surgery

    General surgery

    F. N.,* 61 y.; male - Total mesorectal excision after rectal cancer. Monitoring: pIOM with EMG and bladder pressure measurement.

    Fields of application

  1. Neurosurgery

  2. Spinal Column

  3. ENT

  4. Vascular surgery

  5. General surgery

The inomed NeuroCare Unit (iNCU) GmbH:

Professional clinical service for intraoperative neuromonitoring



Security and flexibility as aim 

The inomed NeuroCare Unit- iNCU GmbH >> offers intraoperative neurophysiological neuromonitoring (IONM >>) as a professional on-site service in hospitals. 


Safe and comfortable
With the IONM as clinical service >> we offer a cost-effective and uncomplicated possibility to increase quality and safety in hospitals. Additionally, the iNCU service provides a variety of advantages for users and clinics. >>


Maximum flexibility for scheduling
The iNCU's corporate culture and its know-how enable a highly flexible acting in geographical areas of application >> and in the surgical areas of application. >> Many customers use the IONM Clinical Service >> for specially demanding procedures.


Cost transparency
The iNCU GmbH defines a framework contract in advance, which includes the remuneration of the application specialist and the costs for the accessories. This makes the costs transparent and calculable for the clinic.

* The listed patient cases are available with a detailed description. The initials were deliberately changed.

Dear customer,

"Creating future with knowledge"

With this background, we regularly attend further training courses.
Therefore the iNCU team will unfortunately not be available on the following day:

November 12, 2021
January 17 - 21, 2022

Thank you for your understanding.


Medical Director: David MacDonald

We are happy to welcome David B. MacDonald, who will be at our side in an advisory capacity, as Medical Director of iNCU GmbH. >>


Do you have questions about the organization of the iNCU service?

Theresia Maik
Application specialist

Gladly takes over the coordination
Phone: +49 174 / 925 88 92