• Neurosurgery


    A. S., 79 years old, female - Aneurysm. Monitoring: MEP, SEP

    Fields of application

  • Spinal Column

    Spinal Column

    S. B., 14 years old, male - Malformation of the cervical spine. Monitoring: MEP, SEP and D-wave

    Fields of application

  • ENT


    S. G.,* 69 y.; male - Parotidectomy after tumor of the parotid gland. Monitoring: EMG of the facial nerve

    Fields of application

  • Vascular surgery

    Vascular surgery

    H. L.,* 63 y.; female - Thrombendarterectomy (TEA) after carotid stenosis. Monitoring: SEP (N. medianus and N. tibialis)

    Fields of application

  • General surgery

    General surgery

    F. N.,* 61 y.; male - Total mesorectal excision after rectal cancer. Monitoring: pIOM with EMG and bladder pressure measurement.

    Fields of application

  1. Neurosurgery

  2. Spinal Column

  3. ENT

  4. Vascular surgery

  5. General surgery

The inomed NeuroCare Unit (iNCU) GmbH:

Professional clinical service for intraoperative neuromonitoring


Security and flexibility as aim 

The inomed NeuroCare Unit- iNCU GmbH >> offers intraoperative neurophysiological neuromonitoring (IONM >>) as a professional on-site service in hospitals. 

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Safe and comfortable
With the IONM as clinical service >> we offer a cost-effective and uncomplicated possibility to increase quality and safety in hospitals. Additionally, the iNCU service provides a variety of advantages for users and clinics. >>



Maximum flexibility for scheduling
The iNCU's corporate culture and its know-how enable a highly flexible acting in geographical areas of application >> and in the surgical areas of application. >> Many customers use the IONM Clinical Service >> for specially demanding procedures.


Cost transparency
The iNCU GmbH defines a framework contract in advance, which includes the remuneration of the application specialist and the costs for the accessories. This makes the costs transparent and calculable for the clinic.

* The listed patient cases are available with a detailed description. The initials were deliberately changed.


Do you have any medical/professional questions about the iNCU service?

Dr. Marianella Campos

Medical Director
Tel.: +49 160 / 972 552 18

Theresia Maik
Application specialist

Gladly takes over the coordination
Phone: +49 174 / 925 88 92