Benefits of the iNCU Service

Cooperative and competent: Your complete supplier for the highest demands in the OR

Intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) >> helps the surgeon to identify nerve structures and to operate in a "nerve-sparing" and function-preserving manner.  

The iNCU service offers many further benefits.

Benefit as a surgeon also in the long term from the know-how and the many years of experience of our iNCU team:

  • Increased safety during surgical procedures through continuous monitoring of neuronal structures
  • Well-founded know-how in cooperation with our specialists
  • Increased effectiveness and thus an improvement in the surgical result
  • Timely information about the neuronal condition of the patient
  • Time saving by elimination of the wake-up test
  • No IONM equipment knowledge required
  • Safety in demanding surgical interventions

Your patients benefit from their increased safety:

  • Possible prevention of life-threatening incidents
  • Possible increase in the patient's postoperative quality of life
  • Possible reduction of neurological consequential damage
  • Reduction of operation times by dispense of an intraoperative wake-up test

Business Managers in the clinic benefit as follows:

  • No investment in monitoring equipment necessary
  • Price of the basic accessories are included in the iNCU service
  • No additional staff and no personnel training required
  • More flexibility in your own personnel planning due to the deployment of our iNCU specialists
  • Calculable complete support
  • Shorter periods of occupancy due to the absence of neurological sequelae
  • Time saving during the operation
  • Promoting image - IONM is the gold standard in many clinics

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