The iNCU Team

Our team stands for know-how. We guarantee efficiency and maximum patient safety.


"Patient safety is our highest priority.
Therefore, we are supporting the surgeon with our qualified and highly motivated team." 


Benjamin Mattmüller
Managing Director


"Patient safety, practitioner competence, optimal technique and effective communication are the core IONM principles that enhance surgical treatment and avoid neurologic injury."


David MacDonald
Medical Director 

"Knowledge through education, experience through proper training. We follow the principles of intraoperative neuromonitoring and bring quality and safety."


Dr. Marianella Campos
Medical Director

"When the iNCU team is requested, I am especially happy for the patient. This increases their safety through permanent monitoring."

Dorien Lindt
Management Assistance

"Intraoperative neuromonitoring is a matter of trust. My clients rely on my 20 years of experience in surgery."


Theresia Maik
Application Specialist
Team leader iNCU

"For me, neuromonitoring means providing support, safety and complication-free rehabilitation to surgeons and patients.“

Jennifer Blankenburg 
Application Specialist

"We rely on continuous training, specific expertise and efficient communication to ensure safe patient care and reduce complications."

Isabell Bopp
Application Specialist


"Many tumor patients particularly appreciate the faster reconvalescence which neuromonitoring makes possible."


Finja Leibold
Application Specialist

"Thanks to our in-depth expertise, which we are constantly expanding through training, we cover a broad surgical field."

Lisa Grunert
Application Specialist 

"For me, IONM stands for safety, progress & precision!"

Kristin Hemmers
Application Specialist

"Neuromonitoring as an enrichment for surgeons provides excellent results for patients."

Nadine Jahn
Application Specialist

"Neuromonitoring is based on knowledge and communication. This is how we ensure high-quality patient safety.“

Henny Kopping
Application Specialist

"Innovation, mutual trust and effective communication are key factors for successful monitoring."

Silvia Roßkamp
Application Specialist

"With our professional clinic service we provide fast, uncomplicated and reliable support."

Melissa Sebök
Application Specialist


"Successful neuromonitoring is an interplay of cutting-edge technology, coupled with know-how and the drive to always evolve."


Semrah Sen
Application Specialist

"IONM as clinical service is the ideal start into monitoring - without any personnel, professional or technical worries."

Karsten Witschaß
Application Specialist